Letterbox Sweet Treats!

During this difficult times we know it's hard to get to see your loved ones, so we have launched a range of letterbox sweet treats! This fantastic personalised letter box sweet gifts are the perfect way to let them know you are thinking about them and great way to say thank you to your heroes!

For the couples we have the Personalised I Love You Letterbox Sweets. It includes 5 bags of sweets and you can add any name to the box up to 12 characters.

For anyone have a birthday during the lock down, how about sending them a Personalised Happy Birthday Letterbox Sweets gift, it's an easy way to get your present direct to their door.

For anyone who is self isolating at the moment that is under the weather, why not send them the Personalised Get Well Soon Letterbox Sweets. It will arrive with their post and they'll know someone is thinking about them!

Lastly we have the Personalised Thank You Letterbox Sweets. This is the perfect way to thank all those heroes out there at the moment, who are helping others by donating their time, effort and energy. We salute you!

All the boxes come with 5 different retro sweets inside! View all our amazing personalised sweet treats that can be delivered direct to the recipient here.

We'll be back soon with some more amazing personalised gifts!

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