New Personalised Compasses Designs!

We have launched some fantastic gifts so far this year, and we are continuing the trend with these new personalised sundial compass designs. You can shop the complete personalised compass range here.

Let's start with the Personalised Planets Aligned Nautical Sundial Compass. This amazing gift is based on our best selling Personalised Nautical Sundial Compass, but allows you to enter a date and we can then engrave where the planets aligned at that exact moment in the solar system. This unique and frankly brilliant idea takes the personalised compass up another level! Have a look at the pictures on the product page to get an idea of what the product will look like. You can also still add your own message to be engraved too!

We have also launched the Personalised Word Search Nautical Sundial Compass which breathes new life into our best selling personalised gift the Personalised Nautical Sundial Compass. With this version you can choose 7 words, either names or something else meaningful, and we engrave them amongst an 11 x 9 word search, and we also add the words to the bottom of the design so the recipient knows what they need to look for. A great personalised gift idea if we do say so ourselves!

Have a look at all our best selling personalised compass gift ideas here!

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