Oktoberfest has started!

Oktoberfest started on the 16th September in Germany, and with so many people from around the world joining in the beer related celebrations throughout the next few weeks, we thought we'd share some of our beer related gifts!

Perfect for carrying around your favourite beers, the Personalised Wooden Beer Trug with Bottle Opener. Made from sustainable pine wood, this personalised beer trug also features a bottle opener on the side, so you're never far from needing to open a beer with this handy gift! Perfect for any Oktoberfest you might be heading too!

Now you need a good pint glass for any lager or ale, so why not treat yourself to the Personalised Beer-o-Meter Pint Glass. This is the perfect accompaniment to the finest beers you'll be tasting throughout the next few weeks!

Happy Oktoberfest Everyone!

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