Personalised Cadbury Favourites Boxes!

These are proving so popular especially during these difficult times. Whether people are sending them to loved ones that they can't see at the moment, or that they are just ordering themselves a box to get through the lock down!

The Personalised Cadbury Crunchie Favourites Box has proven to be a firm favourite. We also have the Personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk Favourites Box and the Personalised Cadbury Caramel Favourites Box which have proven popular and we know these are the ones that are scoffed the quickest in the office usually!

My favourite has to be the Personalised Double Decker Favourites Box. I love the nougat and the crisp hard bottom, delish! Although I also like a Personalised Twirl Favourites Box too! Lastly we have the Personalised Wispa Favourites Box which as we all know was brought back after many years of being unavailable due to the outcry from the public, showing how popular the Wispa bar really is!

Which ever is your favourite, or you friends or family's favourite, why not brighten up their day or your day with some Cadbury chocolate! These amazing Personalised Cadbury Favourites Boxes are on sale too, but hurry they won't last long!

Have a look at the complete collection here. Come back soon for some more amazing personalised gifts and offers!


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