Personalised Cadbury Roses!

Would it even be Christmas without a tub of Cadbury Roses sitting under the tree ready to share with guests and family and friends? We don't think so. But now you can take the gift one step further with the Personalised Cadbury Roses Tub.

This amazing gift includes all your favourites and it can be personalised with any name too. The message 'Merry Christmas' comes as standard. It's a great way to send family and friends a personalised gift this year, even if you can't see them yourself. The Personalised Cadbury Roses Tub is proving popular so get your orders in fast!

The Personalised Cadbury Chocolate Letterbox Hamper is another great gift to send to friends and family in the post. This one actually fits through the letterbox too making it easy for the postman to deliver. The letterbox hamper is personalised with any name and message and includes 27 bars of chocolate! It's a great gift to share!

We even have personalised Cadbury Christmas cards available. These cards can be personalised and also come with a bar of Dairy Milk. What could be better in your Christmas card!

We have a huge range of personalised Cadbury gifts available - shop now.

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