Personalised Compasses For Any Occasion

Our Personalised Compass gifts have been a best selling product for a number of years now and our customers agree that it makes a fantastic gift for any occasion. It's a timeless classic gift and whether it is for a retirement gift, a milestone birthday or even an anniversary present, we have a range of personalised compasses to suit the occasion.

Our best selling Personalised Nautical Sundial Compass is a unique gift which is also a fully functioning sundial and compass. The high quality brushed brass compass comes in a luxury gift box too. You can choose from 4 motifs to add to the design along with your personal message over 5 lines.

The Personalised Planets Aligned Nautical Compass is ideal as an anniversary present or even as a wedding gift. You can choose any date and the planet alignment design will be matched to where the planets were at the exact moment! Could it get more romantic? You also can add a short message and display the fully function brass compass for all to see. It's a great conversational piece.

How about our Personalised Brass Compass With Wooden Box. This is ideal for any occasion, like a milestone birthday. The compass comes in a mahogany wooden box which can be personalised with any initials. Then the compass itself can be personalised with your chosen special message. You can choose to have a chrome compass instead too. It arrives in a free gift box too! Perfect!

You can view all our personalised compass gifts by clicking here. Let us know what you think!

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