Royal Mint Armistice Limited Edition Collection

To commemorate 100 years since the end of the First World War the Royal Mint have released a selection of special limited edition collectors boxes. These gifts are keepsakes that memorialises one of the most important times of our history.

Firstly we have the Silver Royal Mint Armistice Collection Box. Within the genuine red raw hide leather box is a £5 silver coin, struck in 925 silver and finished to Proof standard. Along with this there are 5 original newspapers, one from each year of the war 1914-1918. Both the coin and the newspapers are have a limited availability - and they won't last for long.

Next we have the deluxe version which is the Gold Royal Mint Armistice Collection Box. This version includes a 22ct rose gold £5 coin, which is produced by the Royal Mint to Proof standard. This highly collectable coin is housed within the red raw hide leather box which also includes 5 original newspapers. These original newspapers feature highly important information from each year of the war, and are highly sort after products themselves.

Both versions arrive in their leather boxes which feature a unique poppy design and the famous lines of Ode of Remembrance.

Along with these 2 unique gifts we have launched the Personalised WW1 Armistice Edition Newspaper Book. The red leather book can be personalised with any name which is gold embossed on the cover, and printed within the opening page along with any personal message. It includes a limited edition un-circulated £2 and a free luxury gift box. The cover features the unique poppy design, the same as the Royal Mint collections, and the words to Ode of Remembrance. Within the book are printed newspaper articles and photographs from the time, which capture what life was like during the First World War, at home and in the trenches.

Capture a piece of history with these limited edition sets on sale now - click here.


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